Al Rayyan coach Diego Aguirre spoke to the media ahead of their 2020-21 season QNB Stars League Week 8 match against Al Arabi.

“My team will play the Al Arabi match with our best side. We will treat this as a final, given the team’s need to win and return to compete for the top position in the league. The match will be very difficult, especially since it has a historical significance for the fans of two sides. This match will have a special rhythm and we will strive to achieve victory. We must give everything we have in order to win.

“Al Arabi will certainly seek a win too and such types of matches do not depend on prior expectations but are decided by effort and work all the time. So we must focus and present our best during the 90 minutes.

“I fully know that the match between Al Rayyan and Al Arabi has a special sensitivity and importance that increases the difficulty of the game. I think we are at a good level and we have a good chance to win. We do not suffer from any psychological pressure due to the sensitivity of the match.

“We are ready to play to get three points like we do when we come to the ground for any other match. We want to continue to fight to get to the top of the table. During my life in the Qatari league, there has been no easy match. All confrontations are difficult, especially the ones against Al Arabi,” said Aguirre.

Al Rayyan player Franck Kom said, “The team needs to get the three points against Al Arabi, which will be a very difficult match. But what is important for us is to get the three points because we need these points. Yes, we can win. All players will have to give 100 per cent or more to win so we will play with our best side.

“(Yacine) Brahimi’s absence in the last two matches was felt although we played well. All players offer what they have in team game, but he is an addition to the team.”