Al Ahli coach Nebojsa Jovovic spoke to the media ahead of their 2020-21 season QNB Stars League Week 11 match against Al Duhail.

“We suffered a loss of confidence after our game against Qatar SC. We needed to pause, rethink and then move forward as we learned the lessons of defeat.

“It is necessary in football that a player always looks forward and works with all his energy for the best. At the same time, I would tell my players that whoever cannot play with all strength is better for him to stay at home.

“Our opponent in the last week of the first phase is Al Duhail, which is a strong team. This match will also be strong. I respect them a lot, also from the bench strength, and they are the title holders.

“I have trust in the capabilities of my players to provide a distinguished level, a performance that keeps Al Ahli in their current position. I expect the players to present a distinguished level and provide everything they have in the match.

“I accept the emotions of Al Ahli fans, but those emotions should be rather shown at the stadium. I have kept asking the club’s supporters to come to the stadium and support the players and provide them with support so that they achieve results that please everyone.

“We need our fans at the stadium to support us, especially when we lose and come back stronger with their support in order to achieve victory and celebrate with them. I will be happy if Al Ahli fans came to the stadium and encouraged the team,” said Jovovic.

Al Ahli player Mohamed Al Abbasi said, “We have turned the page from our match against Qatar SC. We had a result that we did not expect. We are still among the top four teams and we can still maintain an advanced position. Our goal and ambition since the beginning of the season is to remain among the top four. Ahead of us is the Al Duhail match, a team we respect well, and it will be a tough match.”